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Each case is different, but not merely because of the law or facts

Adopting our unique joint-legal psychological approach, we advise on all aspects of family law and family breakdown: Divorce, Children disputes, Cohabitation, Leave to remove, Finances. Please call for a no charge strategic consultation.

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Welcome to Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors: Guildford, Surrey & London

We are an established family law firm advising clients, principally in London and Surrey. Due to our reputation for success and our unique joint legal and psychological approach to family law, we also advise clients throughout the rest of the UK on all matters relating to matrimonial and family breakdown. Since our joint legal and psychological approach is unavailable to "the opposition", it has, in every case, succeeded in achieving its strategic aims for our clients in family law mediation and litigation. Please see our client testimonials. We advise on all issues relating to family breakdown, including divorce and separation, and disputes relating to children and finances. We have a particular expertise in international relocation of children ("leave to remove") and matters involving issues of mental health. Our team has unique, successful personal experience of leave to remove litigation.

Our unique joint legal and psychological approach distinguishes this firm from all other family law firms. It is predicated on the basis that it is simply not possible to properly represent a client's case and maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome, including divorce, separation, domestic/international child disputes or financial issues, unless the psychology of the individuals involved and of the relationship/separation case history is understood and utilised. Every case is uniquely different because of the "psychology" of the case, not simply because of the differing facts (every permutation of which the court has seen before) or applicable law (which is general and easily departed from).


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If you need help with divorce, separation, disputes relating to children or finances, or any other aspect of family law in Central London and Surrey, including Guildford, Godalming, Farnborough, Aldershot, Camberley or Woking please click here to contact us, or call us on 01483826470.


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